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  • 2/7/18  Please call Peter on 0411 141 253 for any problems.  PK

  • 2/7/18  Come to this page first everytime you are editing to check for new messages.  PK

  • 2/7/18  This is a new box.  It cannot be seen unless in editor.  PK

  • 2/7/18  Please follow format of date, message, initials so we know who did what when.  PK

  • 2/7/18  Click in typing box (this box), press "edit text", place curser at the end of the last item, hit enter, start typing (please note:  Typing with text painted will cause all text to be lost.) PK

  • 2/7/18  Practice pages have been set up for each editor.  To access them press the top icon (on left) called "menus and pages."  You will see your page name.  Click on it to go there.  PK

  • 2/7/18  To change font colour, paint the area to be changed and use colour icon from box that has become available.  PK

  • 2/7/18  Please use your page to practice heaps.  PK

  • 2/7/18  Please become familiar with all icons.  PK

  • 2/7/18  An "undo" button is at the top towards the right.  PK.

  • 2/7/18  Save often.  PK

  • 2/7/18  To publish changes press "Publish." (please Publish even when making changes to hidden pages) PK

  • 2/7/18  To see changes open another page, type in "" and changes will be there if page is a visible one.  If you already have the web site open hit "refresh" to see changes.  PK

  • 2/7/18  Anything installed in the header and footer will translate to all pages.  PK

  • 2/7/18  Only one person can edit at a time.  Contact user to advise you would like to edit (a chat site unique to this site is being set up, as is a chat group for editors only).  PK




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