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Please Note:  Please use our Contact form to find out if a particular activity is on, as some activities go into recess over certain seasons of the year. Thank you.

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4 pm


July 16 2023

Alpha is a great introduction to Christianity. 

Got questions.  This is your chance to ask them. 

The course goes for 9 weeks (commencing Sunday, July 16, 4pm at N3C.)  Pre event food is served and tea or coffee is available free of charge. 

 Alpha is perfect for all.   Follow the links.  One is to our promotion of the course and the other is a link to the Alpha site.  Curses are of 14 or 9 weeks.  We are doing the 9 week course called Alpha Youth (the only difference besides the length of the course, is that advertising tends to feature young people).  9 weeks makes it perfect for “in term.”    

Come along.  You’ll be glad you did.

To register please use the Contact form on this site.

Registration Site

Alpha Site

N3C Alpha

Sunday Services


10.00 am


Each Sunday we meet.  Services consist of worship, communion, announcements, meet and greet, giving and inspiring sermons.

Creative Threads


10 - 12 am


Enjoy textile crafts, or want to learn something creative?  Maybe you want to share ideas with like minded people?  Here's the perfect group for you!


If it involves a needle of any shape, and a thread of any description, our tutor has done it!  Patchwork and quilting, embroidery of every description, knitting, crochet ... you name it - and we'll encourage you to conquer it and make some amazing, yet practical creations!

Creative Threads group meets each Friday morning (10-12) during school terms.  Whether you are a beginner, or experienced, you are welcome to share with us.

Betty Johnston (Tutor)

Care Outreach



One thing you will notice about our church is that we care. We care not just for the people in our fellowship but for every individual.  No matter the race, colour, religion or creed or what we do, we all have needs.

Care Outreach address what we can.  A letter from a family we recently helped sums up what we are doing. "Your supporters, volunteers and "team awesome" have given us hope.  We all need that.  We have received, and so we give.

To find out more, please call the Office or use our contact form.


Women's Ministry



For each one of us, God has a destiny that is full of hope and He has a great plan for each one of the ladies of N3C. We are all called to make a difference wherever and however we can.

New Creation Women is for every woman at N3C including those who are visiting.

The purpose of the Women’s Ministry is to provide a platform for women to form strong and lasting friendships, encourage each other to grow in Christ, to be released into the purpose that God has for them and be equipped to reach others for Christ.

‘New Creation Women’ currently has two contact groups, and planned events such as morning/afternoon teas, dinners and the annual Retreat for women to meet and share life together.

Contact N3C for details.  All meetings are relaxed, encouraging, fun, faith building and involve sharing life together.

The vision I have for ‘Women of Destiny’:

For each woman to know her worth in Christ, feel connected and part of the body of Christ and know that she can make a difference because she is unique and has God-given abilities.


Monday 6-7am 

Wednesday 7-8pm

Sunday 9-9.30am

All at N3C Centre


N3C believes that revivals are born in prayer.  N3C has 3 prayer meetings per week.  It is our desire to lay a hold of all God intends for us.  We believe we have not because we ask not.  We believe in a move of God in Burpengary and it is our desire to do all as God intended us to do to see it happen.  All are welcome to any prayer meeting.




Things don't just happen by themselves.  People do things.  Every week, without fail, morning tea is provided at our service.  Helpers do a sterling job in organizing for this to happen. 

Tables, cloths, cups, sustenance, kitchen things are there and we all partake freely.  The team also caters for some other functions the church holds. 

The fact is though, "the more the merrier" and "many hands make light work."

If this is you or you have a question, please contact Annette or use our Contact form.

Kids Empowered

Sunday Services


What ever the reason any one comes to N3C we want all to be glad they came, and to get something to aid in life out of the experience.

To this end the Kidz are with us in the service until the preaching of the word.  They then leave us so the adults can concentrate without distraction and the kidz can do kidz stuff that points them in the right direction.

Please use our Contact form if you would like to know more or alternatively phone the pastor.

Connect Groups


In Person 6.30pm

Zoom 12.30pm

Women 10am


N3C currently has several home groups operating.  The ladies and adults group meets of a Tuesday and the other group meets fortnightly of a Sunday.  All groups are characterized by their caring.  Why not come along and enjoy a cuppa and discussion of the Word - or maybe even just come for the chin wag.  Whatever the reason you come you can be assured you will be welcome.

If you would like to attend, or have any questions please contact us (leaders, phone numbers and emails located under Ministries - N3C) or use our Contact form or phone the Office.

Church College



Whatever we study is relevant.  For example we recently studied our Leadership styles and Spiritual Gifts.  We have explored Strategies for Effective Leadership.  Everything we study is Word based, and what is really good is that we hear from each other's hearts, perspectives and experiences.

If College is where you are heading why not enquire of Matt.  Alternatively you can use or Contact form to find out more. 

Pastoral Care



Another name for Pastor is Shepherd

Whatever your motivation, ours is to get along side you.  We want to see the best for you.  We have all come from a place we would rather not have been but the good thing is nothing and no-one is too difficult for God.  He wants to make us who we were born to be.

If you would like a visit, please ring Louise or use our Contact form to find out more.

He cares - we care.

Worship Team



Worship is a heart thing.

Our team, provides us all with the opportunity to enter into God's presence. When we gather in His presence, good things happen.

The Team not only plays of a Sunday but practices of a Saturday afternoon.

Whatever the reason anyone comes, we don't take worship lightly and our worship team always endeavours to facilitate our enjoying God and Him enjoying us.

Please use our Contact form if you would like to know more. 


2nd Friday night of the Month 

6.30 - 8.00am

4 Ardisia Court, Burpengary

Our primary goal is to reach the unsaved and develop a strong fellowship bond based on genuine brotherly love. “Where there is unity, God commands a blessing!”


Practical and Spiritual.


A meal is provided (be there at 6.30 pm for a feed.) 


A great thing to do anytime.

Prayer Meetings

Last Saturday of month 5-6pm at Church

Monday 6-7 am


Wednesday 7-8pm


Sunday Morning 

8.00-8.30am N3C

We pray.  Change is made on our knees.

Please use our Contact form if you would like to know more. 




We have a Chaplain operating out of N3C who call this fellowship home.

Leita is our school Chaplain.  Whatever the situation encountered, Lita has a positive input into people's lives.

To find out more please use our Contact form or contact the church by phone.


Food Services



At N3C we have a heart to meet the needs of our local community.  One of the needs is access to low cost food and groceries.

Annette Neilsen is the Food Services Manager and ensures the availability of food through partnering with Food Bank, Second Bite and by sourcing other avenues.

Food Services is appreciated in our local community and beyond.


Other Things



There are other things we do but they are often "one offs."

To see what we have been up to please subscribe to our newsletter and visit this site from time to time.

If you have any questions concerning this web site please feel free to email the name at the very bottom of this page.

If you have any questions about our fellowship please use our Contact form, or email, or phone or do what you need to, to get our attention.  Rest assured, once you have it, you have it.

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