Hello and welcome to the Koorong page. We have this ministry so that all church members can access new and exciting books and ministry aids that are available through Koorong Bookstores. We also aim to raise some finances through this ministry by retaining a small amount of money from each one of your purchases. You can see that by using our service, your life will be enriched by not having to run around to get books etc. and through giving to the church. 

Find an item you want by following the link on this page to the Koorong site.  You can print and fill out the order form on this page and give it to the Kuskie's or the N3C office attendant. You can also email us at merril1260@outlook.com with your order.

The heading 'Available' below, gives you the current list of items we have for sale and are available for purchase either at the church office, on the stall every month at church or email us. Please do not take an item from the church office without paying for it as this seriously eats into our monetary return to the church.

Purchased items can be delivered to you if you are elderly or infirm. 

Thank you for using our service. God bless you as you give to Him. 


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